Sabtu, 19 September 2009


Album solo dari komposer dan penyanyi istimewa (cacat penglihatan)

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  1. Suhaime Roa may be blind, but he's raised four happy kids
    Text Vivi Zainol

    If you're a resident of Woodlands, you've probably seen blind busker, Suhaime Roa, playing English songs on his keyboard, harmonica or guitar at Woodlands MRT.
    What you may not know is that, Suhaime, 43, is a prolific songwriter who has written hits songs for Malaysia's queen of rock, Ella, and Singapore’s Malay king of rock, Ramli Sarip.
    Suhaime was four when an accident led to his eventual disability. "My brothers and I were carving wooden toy guns. Somehow, the knife got into my eye. My parents didn't want to remove the eye. So, in just one year, the infection spread to the other eye," he says, with no hint of bitterness.


  2. alamak!! dahsyatnya kondisi
    arap2 soranya masih mercik..syok ni